Health care of the nose

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Health care of the nose

The nose, the door of respiratory tract, is the important organ to perform metabolism in the human body as well as the first line of defense to prevent the viral invasion into the human body. Therefore, it is important to protect it.

Bathing the nose

Bath the nose with cold water and cold air. Persevering in bathing the nose can improve the blood circulation of the nasal mucosa effectively, enhance the nasal adaptive capacity of weather changes and prevent common cold and other diseases of respiratory tract.


This includes three movements of rubbing the nose, scraping the nose and rubbing the apex of nose. Rub the middle joints of the thumbs against each other until they get warm. Then, rub the two sides of the bridge of nose with the warm middle joints for 24 times. This is the first movement. Scrape the nose bridge from the upper part to the lower part for ten times. This is the second movement. Rub the apex of nose for 12 times respectively with the fingers of the both hands. This is the third movement. This exercise promotes the local blood circulation, makes the nasal skin moist and lustrous, moistens the lung and prevents common cold.

In addition, people should cultivate the good habit of blowing the nose. Namely, hold the nose between the thumb and index finger to discharge the nasal mucus forcefully, do not press one side to blow the nose. This may make the nasal discharge in the nasal cavity of the other side inspired into the body.

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