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Facial health care

Facial health care, actually refers to cosmetic health care. The face is rich in blood vessels and serves as a window to reflect the health status of the organism. Therefore, all the health preservation people attach much importance to the facial health care. The important sign of the ageing of the human body is the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Weak physique due to prolonged diseases and attack by the six exogenous pathogenic factors both may result in skin ageing and wrinkles. Besides, bad habitual actions are also a cause of premature skin ageing such as regular frowning, holding the cheeks with the hands, squinting, whistling, and resting the face on the pillow to sleep.


Cosmetology massage can be divided into two types. The first type refers to the direct massage on the face; the second one means achieving cosmetology effects by massaging the meridians and collaterals that are away from the face. For instance, Peng Zhu's Fcae Rubbing Method is the representative method of cosmetology massage. The method is as follows. After getting up in the early morning, rub the ears with both hands. Then, pull the ears gently. Afterwards, rub the scalp and comb the hair with the fingers. Finally, rub the hands against each other to get them warm and rub the face with the warm hands upwards and downwards for 14 times. The method can promote facial blood circulation, make the face lustrous, the hair free from grey hair and prevent cephalic diseases.


TCM classics record many foods for “zhuyan” (remaining young) such as sesame, honey, Xianggu mushroom, human milk, milk, goat's milk, sea cucumber, pumpkin seed, lotus root, wax gourd, cherry and white, ruddly, moist and lustrous, but also prolong life.

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